Monday, July 5, 2010

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We had a great day so far. Each day has had it's "Murphy's Law" as we call it but we've had an absolutely fantastic time. Today we took out the ATVs to the area surrounding Nancy and Dave's farm. We saw an antelope and some of the beautiful grasses surrounding the farm. At one time buffalo roamed free here and Nancy pointed out the buffalo wallows. To think about people crossing our country for the first time, is mind- boggling.
We also passed an antelope during the ride. She watched us, so we think a baby was nearby. Mac and Odie ran out with us.
Each of us took a turn riding the 4 wheeler on the dirt road. Warm sun, fields of wheat, friends. It doesn't get better than this!!!!!!!!

The fireworks last night were great.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 4

Day 4; Stayed in Belle Fouche, SD last night, went hiking to Devil's Bathtub, saw Bridal Veil, hit the road for Mt Rushmore but had car trouble. Cool thing was change in plans had us stopping to smell different roses. Stopped at a cool little eatery in outside of Deadwood (at Frankie's Hwy 385 diner) and had a great dinner. Had a picture taken atop of a ginormous rocking chair.

We had to by pass Mt Rushmore for tonight because of car trouble, hoping to do it tomorrow. We're staying in a neat little lodge tonight. Just came from the hot top, having some juice n gin.

Day 3

Day 3: we left MN and drove, drove, drove. We drove over the MO river, drove by the Corn Palace....stopped by the ranch where they filmed Dances With Wolves, stopped by Wall Drugs, met up with Nancy's family, went to Deadwood (which was dead). Exhausted. No cocktails. Angie provided drink of the day: pomegranate juice, apple juice and Captains. On the road about 8 hours.