Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 4

Day 4; Stayed in Belle Fouche, SD last night, went hiking to Devil's Bathtub, saw Bridal Veil, hit the road for Mt Rushmore but had car trouble. Cool thing was change in plans had us stopping to smell different roses. Stopped at a cool little eatery in outside of Deadwood (at Frankie's Hwy 385 diner) and had a great dinner. Had a picture taken atop of a ginormous rocking chair.

We had to by pass Mt Rushmore for tonight because of car trouble, hoping to do it tomorrow. We're staying in a neat little lodge tonight. Just came from the hot top, having some juice n gin.


  1. Oh Patty,

    I am the original gin girl, ask Cheryl, it's Tanqueray and tonic with lime for me, when I'm not Cheryl's Captain & Coke buddy.

    Going with the flow is great isn't it. Please post a picture of that big rocking chair.

    At Mt Rushmore they have a wonderful ice cream stand. Ray & I got the chocolate/vanilla twist. Then go and sit in front of the presidents and eat your ice cream cone. Oh it's great fun.

    And if you have any chance to swing over to Crazy Horse you will never regret it. I could spend days there myself and we plan to go back again and again.

    Have another great fun day. Good job with the drink of the day. Keep it up.

    Love, Pat

  2. Pat, We did stop and smell the roses and had some of that wonderful ice cream at the President's place.