Monday, July 5, 2010

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We had a great day so far. Each day has had it's "Murphy's Law" as we call it but we've had an absolutely fantastic time. Today we took out the ATVs to the area surrounding Nancy and Dave's farm. We saw an antelope and some of the beautiful grasses surrounding the farm. At one time buffalo roamed free here and Nancy pointed out the buffalo wallows. To think about people crossing our country for the first time, is mind- boggling.
We also passed an antelope during the ride. She watched us, so we think a baby was nearby. Mac and Odie ran out with us.
Each of us took a turn riding the 4 wheeler on the dirt road. Warm sun, fields of wheat, friends. It doesn't get better than this!!!!!!!!

The fireworks last night were great.


  1. I am so happy for all of you! You are milking every day of everything you can possibly do. I am so proud of all of you. Sleep will come fast and hard when you hit your own pillow at home. And your dreams will be filled of all those wonderful memories that you have now created and the friendships that you have strengthened.

    Keep sending those pictures.

  2. My previously posted comment is hiding. Maybe it will post later this evening.

    You girls keep having one heck of a trip. This is great that you can kept strengthening those bonds of friendship. It takes special people that can jam into one vechile and still get along the next. Of course, the drink of day helps with any and all personalities. ASk My buddy cheryl?

  3. I know that I posted a comment last night and it's disappeared into cyberspace. Oh well, I'll try again. You girls sure have done an absolutely wonderful job of cramming 10# of crap into a 5# bag as "they" say.
    What an experience of a lifetime and a bonding of friendships to build on.
    Now being in a vehicle for that length of time is challenging at best, I'd be on the Harley in a heart beat, grass hoppers and all, myself.
    Make sure you girls post your pictures and if I have to then I'll join that damn facebook and graduate into the latest and current method of communication. I am slow on the uptake so be patient.

    Have a safe trip home and sleep good in your own bed!

  4. I see your comments Nana, all three of them. Refresh your browser :)
    It has been great reconnecting with you this past week!!! I love your pictures as well.
    You might have to join facebook, but if not, I will send you a link where they are posted elsewhere so you don't have to join.

    Hugs to you !!

  5. Thanks MA, you are sweet. I do have a learning curve but I'll figure it out eventually. It has been a blast to follow the blog, TX and talk to you girls. Ray & I will definitely be out for the 2011 reunion!