Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chiming in

Okay, so I hope this is the right place to add some input to this T & L All Girl Breakout, (as I like to put it). Nanner here, otherwise known as Nancy S Petersen NSP.

The "girls" are making this thing happen because, I wanted to show them the great untamed WEST. HA HA!! I live out here where Indians still live on Reservations, and Cowboys still chase, uh, cows, and our best and most direct form of communication is sending up smoke signals, because the cell service and internet connections are not always reliable.

There is a marked difference in culture from the world of paved roads, tall buildings and asphalt parking lots, to the dirt roads that lead to vast fields of wide open prairie, broken by strips of wheat and millet fields, and down into the valley of corn and dry edible bean circles on irrigated farm land. I agree that this will be a journey of a lifetime for all of us beginning in Chicago and moving west to the Black Hills of South Dakota, then on to our humble little place in the heart of the panhandle of Nebraska.

I am so excited to have them visit, and thrilled to meet them in the big, booming town of Chicago (I love Chicago). A week doesn't seem long enough to really see and experience it all, but we will make it happen.

Have not purchased my ticket to Chicago, yet, but will this week. Nailing down some dates with my kids who live in the heart of Chicago.

Girls from WDHS class of 76, LET'S DO THIS THING!!! (Bring yer cowgirl boots, and a good hat :) The sun beats heavy and the snakes strike low, or something like that....

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