Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We're getting there: Tickets purchased

Today, three of the T&L group purchased their plane tickets! Whoo hoo! MaryAnn (MAP) Deb BG (DBG), and Patty (PS). We're still hoping Debbie PC will change her mind and join us. We are also hoping that Carol's damn divorce doesn't get in the way of her joining us! I know she hopes the same. MAP and DBG will leave Philly and PS will leave Manchester, NH on Tuesday June 29 and meet in Chicago. We think that that Nancy (NSP) will already be there to meet us. We hope to catch up with some area high school classmates while we're there. We added an extra day to our trip so that we can visit with Leslie Dierolf Pinkham (LDP) in Denver. MAP and DBG will fly Denver to Philly and PS Denver to Boston on Weds, July 7th. Hopefully, soon we'll know how many others will be coming along so we will know what size vehicle to rent in Chicago.

Ok so I'm supposed to be working on a research project right now. Instead? I'm doing this blog and just finished filling out my 2010 March Madness bracket! Back to work for me. :-(

I'm really looking forward to this trip!


  1. How does one post to this Blog? Tried and only succeeded in sending myself a message. :} *sheepish grin*

  2. I sent you a message on that Nancy!
    I am so looking forward to our trip. We are on our way!!!