Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At the Airport

Cheryl, Debbie and I , aka Jersey girls , are at the airport on the first leg of our journey.
NANA HEY HEY it is great to hear from you and I'm glad you're tuning in!!

Coffee, tea and we are good to go.

We all decided we overpacked, but oh well!! Nanner I hope you have a trailer for all this stuff!


  1. What the hell are you doing just drinking coffee and tea? Head to bar, girls. There will be a wide variety of specials to choose from. What the hell you got a driver, a co-pilot and a handy little bag right in front of you if you drink too much. There will be a lady/guy probably real happy too to remove the said bag if you fill it up with the special drink. Girls your vacation has started! Get a move on. Cheryl take charge!

  2. Nana we are going to head out for the good stuff soon. We did alot of walking to walk off the pizza and I told Cheryl that I will be her stand in co-hort. We'll report on this later