Wednesday, June 30, 2010

end of day 2

Well this post is coming to you from the road we are in Wisconsin traveling west towards Minnesota. We have about 5 hours to get to our hotel. The sun is setting after an absolutely day.

We began the day with breakfast at the hotel. With the help of the hotel concierge we made reservations for the 10 am tour of the river and lake. Wendell a has been in business for 75 years. I think I can speak for the entire t and l group when i say the tour was well worth the fee and the time. The tour gives a great amount of information about the history of the buildings. You also can appreciate the beauty of the lake.

Then, we went to lunch at Portillo's and Barnelli's and had their famous Italian Beef with Jon and Karen. This was a delectable sandwich, spiced nicely and served on a crusty french roll. We ate outside and everyone enjoyed.

After lunch, we said our goodbyes to Jon and then walkted onto Olde City. Olde City is a lovely neighborhood in Chicago. We browsed several shops and then drove by Wrigley field. There had been a Cubs game and it was an afternoon game, and so we landed in lots of traffic, but we got a good view of the outlying Chicago surroundings.

I am actually finishing this post Thursday morning from Minnesota. ( Fairmont, Hampton) We arrived sometiime after 2 am CST and opened a bottle of vino as a nightcap.

Another wonderful day of smiles, laughs and fun, and great conversation.


  1. What a great active day! Remember MaryAnn that my buddy Cheryl needs her Captain's & Coke to relax after such a long ride!

    If you get an open container ticket I will pay Cheryl's responsibility. And you can take to Judge Judy. :)

    Bring my buddy home safe!

  2. Ya, Nana Hey-Hey, I was a little concerned about that open container thing. If we had been driving in Wyoming it would not have been a problem. No open container laws.