Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two More Days!

Can you believe it? Only two more days until our trip! Nancy has already left...she and Dave are wonderful. They've driven from their farm in NE to Chicago so that we have a vehicle for our journey. They are currently visiting their children in Chicago. On the way, Nancy managed to flush her keys down the toilet at a rest stop in MN. According to the Facebook post, she seemed to be taking it in stride. I would have had a meltdown. Note to self...on trip...stop to smell the roses (not rest stop toilets).

Nancy has also been a wonderful "travel agent" and trip planner. Here's our itinerary:

Tues 6/29: Chicago: all kinds of stuff--Chicago style pizza, Millennium & Grant Parks, John Hancock tower for evening cocktails, Magnificent Mile, etc. etc.

Weds 6/30: More Chicago and hit the road, heading for MN late day; Binney's run first!

Thurs 7/1: Head for the hills...Belle Fourche, SD: Drive through Spearfish Canyon, view Bridal Falls, Canyon, Nightlife in Deadwood YEE HAH!!!

Fri 7/2: Devil's Bathtub, Mt. Rushmore, Needles Drive, Sylvan Lake, then head for Custer, SD through Hill City

Sat 7/3: More sightseeing, head for NE and Nancy's farm through Wind Cave Nat'l Park

Sun 7/4 & Mon 7/5: Nancy's & Dave's farm in NE; horseback riding at Nighswonger Ranch, fireworks in ScottsBluff, 4 wheel and hike Westwater Canyon, Oregon Trail Wagon Train, Bayard for some good old fashioned NE steaks! Moo! Scottsbluff Monument, Chimney Rock, Wildcat Hills (Can I get another YEE HAH)!!!

Tues 7/6: Head for Denver, meet up with Leslie Pinkham

Weds 7/7: Depart (3 to Philly and 1 to Boston)


  1. Added note, be sure someone other than Nancy holds the keys when we stop for pit stops!!!!!

  2. You girls have a blast on your trip! This is a first for me: this public comment stuff. I might even have to get a face book account myself.

    OMG it is a small world as they say. Debbie Bullard married to Tim Bullard "Bull" is one of my best buddies. She sent me this link. Oh, I'll claim Tim as a best buddy too. :) I have known Tim since I was 15 years old when my dad transferred from Hampton, VA a pure military town to the land of civilians at WDHS. It was a tuff transition.

    I then met Cheryl Blair Platt and god forbid Jeff too. Cheryl is one of the Jersey cohorts traveling on your T & L trip. I don't know about that title girls, it's a little too close to T & A.

    You girls make sure to take care of my Cheryl, she's my drinking buddy and I lean on her more than anyone knows, sometimes literally.

    Anyway, small world, I am Pat "Patty Orcutt” Bouland. I married Ray Bouland. I actually dated Tim Bullard first because I thought that he was cuter than Ray. Bull's belly is bigger than Ray's now.

  3. Since 1976 Ray & I regularly see the Platt's and the Bullard's. Sharing vacations, friends (old high school ones and making new ones).

    What is the best thing about our continued friendships has been the bond developed between our children as well. They enjoy each other company as much as we do. We all hang out together, it's great.

    Jeff Platt would say we just can't get rid 'em and if you have any questions, he's got a cellar he'll rent to you.

    Now another mantra that comes from Platty is this: It's hard work having fun.

    I notice that Nanners is an example of hard work, farm girl and all. Now, exactly how much do you guys know about her? I mean, dropping the keys down the toilet? Come on. Really? I think she has more than cows on that farm. Maybe she has a relative that taught her a little bit about distilling? You know those farm girls! I'd be keeping on eye on her that's for sure.

    Be safe on your trip and I'll be enjoying the pictures from Cheryl as you travel from place to place. You know she is accomplished at sending TX pics on her phone!

    I'm not very far ahead in the tech world. God willing I'll keep learning.

    Travel tip: When playing cards with Cheryl, do not sit on Cheryl's right side. Repeat: Do not sit on Cheryl's right. By the end of the night your arm is going to hurt let hell from the constant bounding she is going to land on ya. And the more Captain & Coke you give her, the louder the laugh and more your arm is going to hurt in the morning. I would suggest that you let a non-blogger sit on her right. It would serve them right, literally it will be their left that's going hurt like hell, sit next to Cheryl. And remember to hold your cards close to your chest.

    Now Jeff says Cheryl cheats but he is just a sore loser. I know all about losing myself. Just ask Jeff, the first time Jeff & Cheryl taught me "Scat", I hope I'm spelling that right, I lost every single hand, one right after the other. Jeff unsympathetically teaches me that Scat is a hell of a game to watch. Man, I lost all my quarters and was out on my honor before Cheryl had her second drink.

    I love you buddy. Remember girls, you bring Cheryl home safe to me.

  4. You are going to have a blast. Ray and I took the Harley last year through WA, ID, MT, SD and WY. We love to ride and it's the best and only way to travel. Except when I'm with Cheryl & Jeff, Tim & Debbie (yes there are 2 sets of them), Rooty & Sandy (do you guys realize how damn funny Sandy is?)....

    Somebody better comment on my post because it's my first time and I don't want to have feelings of insecurity or anything!

    By the way, Ray's sleeping and he's going have a bird when he finds out that I commented publicly on the internet by cracky!

    Pat Bouland currently residing in WA, where or if the sun does shine is an absolutely beautiful state.

    Oh, and the post sent by Nanners about wearing sunscreen is no joke. Ray & I actually could smell our ears and face baking when we went through Ten Sleeps on our way to Yellowstone, which by the way, has some pretty damn big buffalo especially when you're on a motorcycle.

    Deadwood has a live gun fight every night @ 4:00 right in front of the Franklin Hotel. Go up to the balcony for cocktail hour about 3:00pm and you'll soon understand and imagine yourself on that balcony in times past. You girls might be out of money by then and be looking for a little extra income.

    If you think that Mt. Rushmore is cool and imagine yourself on a motorcycle as you maneuver "pigtail" then you have to consider going to Crazy Horse.

    Devil's Tower is a must to walk around. It is consider sacred ground by the Indians and you will notice prayer clothes tied amongst the trees along the base of the tower.

    There is also a cool bar just outside the Devil's Tower Best Western. Every thing is cheap, cheap, and cheap in the mid-west. The food is generous and the people even friendlier. It's okay to talk to strangers. Really! Try it. Just ask Cheryl, I'll talk to anybody that will listen to me. :)

  5. Nana Hey Hey, You are too funny! Just reading your comments for the first time, here. I wish I had gotten the tip on holding your cards close to your chest. Cheryl does indeed cheat at SCAT. But she is a Hoot! to hang out with. This was a fabulous trip with girls I barely knew other than on facebook and our 30 something reunion. We pulled it off and are all better friends than when we started. On a trip like this you all have to be willing to bend, and everyone was 99% of the time. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and only change out a few things. One would be knowing that the transportation is without a doubt reliable. Another would be to toss schedules out the window and go with the flow, which is pretty much how we rolled anyway. Great times, Great friends!!